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The reality is, there is no one size fits all marketing template. An effective marketing plan has to be custom.

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

“In terms of working with Hudson Fusion and
the team, they‘ve definitely exceeded both my
expectations and my goals. What I wanted originally
was to have a marketing team that I could rely on
and that would do what they say they’re gonna do—
and you all have done that much to my satisfaction
and beyond.”

Hudson Fusion took on the rebranding and marketing strategy creation and execution of Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists. To learn more about their growth, view our case study

Southern California Reproductive Center

Hudson Fusion has acted as an in house marketing team for SCRC. Currently, our services provided include, video production, social media management, paid advertising, content creation, and HubSpot support.

RMA Long Island IVF

"Hudson Fusion has top-shelf thinking, execution, and understanding when it comes to the fertility space."

Currently, Hudson Fusion provides in-house marketing level quality for RMA Long Island IVF. Our list of services include content creation, paid advertising, social media management, and communications support.

Healthcare Provider

“You are invaluable to this partnership. I will keep reminding you of that so you will stick with us!!!"

Hudson Fusion integrated various digital channels to improve the HPS online digital presence and drive traffic to generate leads. Through the power of design and messaging, HPS was able to generate roughly $800,000 in revenue.

We could not be more pleased with the stellar work completed by the Hudson Fusion Team.

Vicki Ferrara - CEO Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

I could never manage without you

Kim Poeta, Senior Marketing Manager, Better Packages

Really happy with website designs, they are leaps and bounds from where we've been. Appreciate your quick work, it's moving so fast.

Linda McLeod, Partner - Kelly IP

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“We have a trusting bond and partnership with Hudson Fusion and we could not have picked a better agency”

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