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Project Overview:

Minx Law has deep experience helping companies navigate the legal complexities of building, owning, and monetizing their brands— both internationally and domestically.

Minx thrives on developing sophisticated, cutting-edge solutions that keep up with the demands of today’s climate.


Neue Montreal

To reflect the premium and sharp nature of Minx Law we chose the elegant sans serif Neue Montreal. A timeless and versatile grotesque font it allowed us to create a cohesive and modern design identity.

Visual Element

Designed with meaning

The sunburst element has been crafted with meaning in mind representing two core concepts.

Alluding to the idea of a new dawn and new chapter as a result of working with WSS.

The rays of the icon allude to the idea of a firework and that WSS creates moments worth celebrating.

We could not be more pleased with the stellar work completed by the Hudson Fusion Team.

Vicki Ferrara - CEO Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

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Minx Law

Website Design

Next Case Study

Minx Law

Website Design