What is your 2022 Marketing Mantra?

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What Is Your 2022Marketing Mantra?

A marketing mantra refers to an internal brand positioning statement. It sums up your brand and the values your business stands for in a concise and relatable manner. No two companies are the same, so there are no rules regulating how long your statement can be. Thus, it can be a few bullet points or a single, short sentence.

It is essential to get your mantra right since it informs other business aspects, such as marketing strategies and goals. Thus, it can help you define and market your brand better, improving your relations with clients, employees, and investors.

What Do You Need for a Successful Marketing Mantra?

Knowing what your company stands for enables you to let the world understand what you do. An excellent market mantra lets customers promptly know how your brand makes their world a better place. It eliminates the need for long hours of explanation that potential customers are unwilling to invest. Here are four tips that can guide you in creating a successful marketing mantra:

·      Understand the need – Research the market to find a suitable customer base before selling any product. It is wise to avoid copying other successful businesses and conduct thorough research for your brand.

·      Show your creativity – Once you identify the product to sell, creatively design it to attract customers. A well-designed copy is relevant and easy for prospects to understand. It can earn clients’ trust, respect, awareness, and loyalty.  

·      Prioritize customer needs – Customer is king in the business world since they form the base of every marketing type. It is advisable to create a connection between consumers and your product. Market research enables you to understand client needs and customize your products for enhanced customer satisfaction.

·      Concentrate on quality – Focus on the quality instead of the price. Attempts to achieve quality and price can ruin your marketing and growth efforts. It is essential to concentrate on earning a loyal client base by offering quality products.

·      Plan for improvement – Ongoing technological developments and constantly moving buyers require continuous betterment. It is necessary to keep pace with changes and updates in the market to improve product and service delivery. Planning techniques can include continually analyzing consumer behavior and market trends.

Golden Rules for Goal Setting

Before looking at marketing tactics, it is necessary to understand goal setting. It is a process that lets you set milestones or targets, requiring sincere and practical efforts to attain them. Having goals improves a company's performance and productivity, presenting a means to measure your success level. They help give you direction, focus, and a sense of purpose while offering a tangible benchmark to determine actual success.  

So, what steps can you take to goal set?

1.    Consider the Results You Want to See

The first step is considering your desired outcome before setting the goals that motivate you. It is critical to set a goal that means something and adds value to achieving it. If the possible result is of little to no significance, there is a slim chance of you putting in the work. Irrelevant goals do little to nothing in inspiring you to take action.

Hence, it is advisable to commence with the highest goals on a priority list. You want to divide your goals into the top five or three overall objectives. An excellent recommendation is to write them down and include why they are valuable. This systematic approach eliminates confusion and the risk of multiple tasks overwhelming you.

The written goals become a tangible reminder of what you need to accomplish. They also provide a visual aid to improve concentration when having a lot in mind.

2.    Form SMART Goals

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Relevant, and Time bound. Thus, you want your goals to be a specific as possible to provide a good direction to follow. Measurable goals involve using realistic deadlines to finish a current project.

Attainable goals are realistic and manageable. Relevancy requires you to align your goals with the direction you desire your brand to take. Time-bound goals mean you have a finish line, giving you a sense of urgency that open-ended objectives lack.

3.    Write Down Your Goals

As mentioned previously, noting down your goals is a valuable rule. This step requires you to prepare a "to-do"list at the start of each day. It is necessary to keep these daily goals visible throughout your day. The visibility enables you to verify the completed tasks and gauge where you stand by the end of the day. This process makes things tangible while increasing accountability.

You can similarly note down your long-term goals and keep them discreetly. Afterward, you can check them every so often to remind you of the direction to take. Notably, it is better to use active rather than passive voice in your notes. The latter can create an excuse to side track you.

4.    Set an Action Plan

People often identify a goal but never form an action plan to determine the exact method of meeting that objective. This plan should feature your overall goal and all the steps necessary to achieve a successful end. You can be creative in designing your action plan, such as using colorful settings. The dynamic display stimulates different brain parts while cementing the goals in your mind.

An action plan also involves a timeline maker, helping you visualize tasks, roles, deadlines, and milestones. You want to stick as closely as possible to the dates you set on your timeline. Additionally, each step you take should lead to another, ensuring you do not lose sight of your goals. It is best to avoid rushing and skipping some steps to ensure flawless execution. You also do not want to plan a goal and the paths to take, only to be lazy when it is time to act.

5.    Re-evaluate Your Progress

You can schedule a weekly evaluation to measure your progress and verify your tasks. Continuous assessment helps maintain your motivation to focus and accomplish your goal. It is common to lose concentration and energy the further you progress in your project. However, seeing how close the finish line is can significantly boost your motivation.

Re-evaluation can also help you know if you are a little behind schedule. In such a case, you can identify the required adjustments to keep going at an ideal pace.

Marketing Strategies for Growing in 2022

Once you have a mantra, you need to learn marketing strategies you can use to spread your message digitally. The online marketplace is ultra competitive, requiring proper planning and execution to stand above the rest. Here are some techniques you can use to market your brand and message in the digital world:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in improving your website performance and ranking on search engines. The keywords and phrases connected to your business make you stand out online. They enable you to rank higher, increasing your visibility and accessibility to visitors. The more people see and interact with your site, increasing their familiarity with your site and brand.

SEO is an essential marketing strategy that seeks to direct more traffic to the site and increase lead generation. The keywords help you target your audience, helping your brand resonate with potential clients.

Content Marketing:

A Havas Group report indicated that 77%of consumers purchase brands that share their values. It is vital to ensure your business is meaningful and that you can communicate this fact to prospects. Content marketing strategies enable you to achieve this goal. Infographics, videos, and blog posts are examples of content. You want it to be informational and resonate with your consumers. Clients like content that cuts through the clutter to offer better engagement.

For example, you operate an enterprise selling paddling supplies. You can post an article on what beginners need for their first outing. Additionally, you can write blogs on how to maintain a kayak and the accessories that can help improve paddling performance. Such individual content lets you target specific keywords and optimize your site for search and users.

Relevancy is fundamental to content marketing since it shows the audience how your business is beneficial. Creating high-quality and original work delivers a memorable user experience. Satisfied customers can then share your brand with their loved ones and colleagues to expand your reach.

Email Marketing:

Email usage is a cost-effective marketing tactic you can implement to spread your message digitally. It serves a dual purpose of retaining current clients while gaining new ones. This strategy provides an excellent method for maintaining your company's relevancy in customers' minds.Furthermore, it is reliable for encouraging repeat purchases and building brand awareness.

Email marketing aims to deliver valuable information that retains client subscriptions. Generally, the idea behind this strategy is to leave an impression in people’s minds. People may not need to purchase a service or product immediately. However, they will recall your brand from the emails when shopping time comes. This brand awareness encourages these customers to select your company when they are ready to purchase.

For example, a company specializes in offering medical equipment supplies. It can send emails highlighting wholesale discounts for items and design advancements. The company could also share tips on maintaining medical devices or systems. Subscribers requiring installation, emergency, or maintenance are highly likely to choose that supplier.

Moreover, this strategy enables you to segment your target audience and customize your email campaigns. For instance, you can design a marketing campaign for users that visited a particular webpage.

Social Media Marketing:

Marketing via social media lets your company grow by building brand awareness and boosting conversions. It can occur on one or several platforms, depending on your preferences and target audience. Popular platforms for this marketing tactic include TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

This strategy offers an additional benefit, where you can adopt digital advertisements. Creative ads are powerful tools for capturing users' attention and driving traffic to your business. Data-driven advertising strategies can reach clients in every stage of the buying funnel. They help consumers progress through the funnel stages as you grow your business.

Social media platforms incorporate ergonomic functions to facilitate quality advertising. For instance, you can use the Facebook ads feature to spread your message to mobile and desktop users via optimized ad placements. These feeds ensure an excellent user experience with the mobile and desktop versions.

Social media campaigns provide promotional and informational content while interacting with users. These techniques help you build and maintain your business' reputation. Besides, the platforms provide an excellent opportunity for expanding your reach and lead generation. Statistics show that 54% of social browsers utilize social media to research products.

Growth Hacking:

A marketing growth hack is an experiment-driven method for determining the most effective ways of growing a business. It combines design, development, marketing, engineering, data, and analytics. The hacker finds an efficient, cost-effective, yet innovative method to achieve growth rather than following conventional procedures.  

These innovative strategies help a company acquire and retain customers for as long as possible. A hacker can mix marketing methods like SEO, reverse engineering, content, and email strategies. Some growthhacking strategies that develop your business include:

·      Forming a pre-launch email list

·      Launching your product on launch platforms

·      Taking advantage of referral marketing

·      Creating new brand partnerships

·      Holding and attending community conferences and events

·      Leveraging social media communities and influencers

B2B Marketing Agency

A B2B agency is an organization that sells marketing content and strategies to companies and businesses. You can use this strategy when you wish to reduce costs and obtain expert assistance in a particular area. It is also essential to verify reliability before settling on a marketing agency.

You want to ensure the agency’s working methods, culture, and values align with your company’s. You can expect practical and productive marketing efforts if the agency resonates with your mantra. Besides, an agency with your required specialists and facilities can execute your ideal marketing plans and achieve successful campaigns.

This piece covers tips on making a successful market mantra and the steps to goal setting. It also provides marketing strategies you can use to spread your brand message digitally. This knowledge helps you find a suitable marketing mantra and advertising tactics to keep your business growing in 2022.  




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