5 Tips for Writing Company Taglines

A tagline, like a slogan, says something important about you, your company or your organization. It’s usually placed under your name in a logo and in other strategic places.

At the very least, it gives your market something positive to think about. But if you get lucky, it could become a part of day-to-day lingo. You're probably picturing some of the catchiest brand slogans and taglines as we speak.

Speaking of slogans, a lot of people tend to mix up taglines, slogans, and mottos. Before we get into tagline tips and tricks, it's important to understand the difference:

Tagline: A phrase about the founding idea or concept of a business

Slogan: A phrase representing a company promise or brand personality

Motto: A phrase focusing on the philosophy, beliefs or intention of a company

Got it? Good. You're ready to start drafting your tagline. Keep these five tagline tips in mind when you hit the drawing table:

1. Taglines Should Tell Them & Sell Them

The best taglines promise—or at least imply—a benefit:


BMW logo (2000–Present) 2048x2048 HD png

The Ultimate Driving Machine

2. Don't Quote Your "Tagline"

Before you put your tagline in quotes, ask yourself why you want to put it in quotes...and then don’t put it in quotes.

Quotes make your statement look like an “as-if” or a figure of speech, rather than a fact. If you're planning a family vacation, you may not want to take the kids to The "Happiest" Place on Earth.


3. Making Active Taglines, Driving Effective Copy

Activate your brand by literally making your tagline active.

Taglines that open with active verbs—aka verbs ending in -ing—can be very effective ways to show what you do.


Image result for nokia logo

Connecting People

Image result for canon logo


Delighting You Always


4. It's Not Us...It's You


Be leery of talking about yourself in your tagline, and avoid the use of "we," "us," "I," and "our." You've taken up enough space with your company name—your tagline gives you the opportunity to talk about your customer.

Image result for burger king logo

Have It Your Way

Image result for yellow pages logo

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking

Side note: Monoliths can do it without looking too self-centered: We Sell For Less, or We Bring Good Things to Life.


5. Short, Sweet, and to the Point

The shorter, the better. (Honestly, that's a killer tagline right there.)


Image result for nike logo

Just Do It


Image result for apple logo

Think Different

Always remember: a good tagline doesn’t necessarily present the most important truth about your company. Rather, it presents the most important truth about your company that people need to know.

Make a tagline that will stick with people to a point of discomfort. How many times have you driven yourself insane repeating a catchy commercial, tagline, or slogan in the back of your mind? Spread the love—and the crazy—when you're establishing your messaging.

Need help getting started? We love brainstorming—especially brand brainstorming—and we're happy to help you come up with a tagline that's too catchy to quit. 

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