The Four People Every Team Needs



So, full disclosure here. I don’t know a whole lot about baseball.

But I’d like to discuss baseball (regardless of my extremely limited knowledge) for just a minute to make an important point.

Every player – whether it’s the pitcher, the catcher, or even the outfielder – has to perform a very specific job, totally unique unto itself, to make the game work properly. Remove just one of those key players and the game will completely fall apart. Not to mention resulting in a crowded stadium of incensed fans. 

Well, just like in baseball, every business needs a solid team of specific key players – specifically four main types – for the business to work.

So, let’s see who’s on first.

The Innovator (a.k.a. “The Brains”)

Every organization needs someone with vision who has aspirations for the business beyond the day-to-day.

Innovators aren’t usually concerned with the here and now, they’re looking ahead into the future, strategizing for new ideas and seizing opportunities that others may have overlooked.

When you’re running a business, you’re better off hiring someone with big, strategic ideas that might fail, than monitoring an assembly line of robot workers who never dare do anything beyond what they’re told.

New ideas will continue to fuel your company while keeping your business competitive and ahead of the curve.

Innovators are also great for office morale. They tend to bring great passion to the workplace, encouraging fellow employees to try new things and keeping the team motivated to do their best work.

The Implementer (a.k.a “The Muscle”)

But you know what they say. All talk and no action makes Jack a dull worker.   

I’m afraid I’ve mixed my metaphors here…

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that the most innovative business strategies in the world aren’t going to do you any good filed away in the “Great-Business-Ideas-I-Should-Probably-Do-At-Some-Point-in-the-Future” folder.

Every team needs an implementer, someone whose sole purpose is to get things done.

Implementers are there in the muddy trenches every day, putting those great ideas into action and making things happen. They are drafting the scripts, developing the programs, building the bridges.

Without the implementers, your brilliant strategies are nothing more than scraps of paper and chalkboard etchings.

The Polisher (a.k.a “The Eyes”)

But the work isn’t complete once its been implemented, either. Now it’s the polisher’s time to shine.

Polishers are there to “clean up the mud” that’s built up from working in the trenches. Although implementers are generally highly efficient workers, efficiency doesn’t necessarily translate into a flawless end result.

Your polishers are there to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. They are your proofreaders, your fact checkers, your inspectors. They're responsible for quality assurance and ensuring that nothing leaves shop without the stamp of approval.

Because no one is going to trust a work product that isn’t flawless.

The Connecter (a.k.a “The Face”)

So where does that leave us?

Your work has been thoroughly strategized, efficiently implemented, and polished to perfection.

What’s left?

Now it’s time for the connector to bridge the gap between the product/service and the public.

The connector is the face of the company. They are out there in the community, meeting and greeting, shaking hands, taking names, forging connections, and doing it all with a smile.

It’s their job to translate the value of the work product to your clients and get them to care enough about what it is you’re selling to want to invest in it.

Because when it comes down to it, all clients really want the same thing – to feel as though they matter. They want the assurance that their needs will be met and that they’ll receive the quality service that they deserve.

It’s the job of the connector to make that happen. To create a human connection with your prospects and customers so that they want to do business with your organization.

As you can see, no one team member can possibly do it all on their own. Your team needs to work in tandem to reap the benefits of each person’s unique skill sets and deliver the best results for your clients.


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